On this page (updated on 16 IV 2015) you can read about some of the major Amiga products that Wanted Team is searching for:

  • F-15 Strike Eagle I (c) MicroProse
  • HB-Car Race (c) Starbyte (all versions)
  • PowerGen (in-house game)
  • Denny (c) Software 2000 (full, beta, demo or preview)
  • Metropolis (c) Paradox Software
  • Hatris (c) Spectrum Holobyte
  • Der Schatz im Silbersee (c) Software 2000 (all versions with music)
  • Daylight Robbery (c) Electronic Zoo (all versions with music)
  • Labyrinth II (c) InterActivision
  • Block Racer (c) Electronic Arts (full, beta, demo or preview)
  • Renegade III (c) Ocean (all versions with music)
  • Diabolik 12 (c) Simulmondo (Amiga version)

  • Dylan Dog 14 (c) Simulmondo (Amiga version)

  • Simulman 10 (c) Simulmondo (Amiga version)
  • Tex 7 (c) Simulmondo (Amiga version)

  • Tex 9 (c) Simulmondo (Amiga version)

  • Tex 13 (c) Simulmondo (Amiga/PC version)
  • others unpublished/unfinished Amiga games, especially with good or exotic music

  • Karstadt Virus Killer disks (all except disk IV)
  • A.M. Composer (c) Vesalia Soft (all versions)
  • VirusKiller Pro (all versions except v1.0, v1.3 and v2.0)

  • Jubilaeumsdisc 20 Jahre Commodore - CDTV demo
  • Rainbow Arts Slideshow
  • Lemmings Promo - demo
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