This page is dedicated to the memory of my assembler mentor, Czesław Maroń (Mr. Larmer), who died in a car crash on September 7, 2001.

Please choose:
  • Clock162.lzx (18339 bytes) - The most recent version (March 2001) of the Rob Northen Copylock decoder V1.62, with source code.
  • e-mail.lha (423 bytes) - Find e-mail routine, with source code.
  • players.lha (193315 bytes) - A collection of EaglePlayer player sources.
  • T2F122.lzx (57103 bytes) - The most recent beta version (28.10.1999) of Track2File V1.22, with source code.
  • ThalionGfxConverter.lha (95920 bytes) - Thalion GFX Converter.
  • whd.lha (347006 bytes) - A collecton of WHDLoad slave sources (after Mr.Larmer's second quit from Amiga scene).
  • whd2.lzx (368128 bytes) - Another collection of WHDLoad slave sources (after Mr.Larmer's third quit from Amiga scene).
  • xfd.lha (124171 bytes) - A collection of XFD slave sources.

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