Welcome to the Wanted Team page.

On this page you can find many of Wanted Team's products, mostly players for EaglePlayer, example exotic modules, and some other modules ripped or adapted by Wanted Team. Also available is source code for Wanted Team custom mods, some depackers (with source) for xfdmaster.library and some player sources.

If you have rare Amiga music modules, music programs, player sources or Amiga demos/games with nice music, please contact Wanted Team via email:


Also if you find any bug(s) in Wanted Team players, please contact us.

You can use all sources from this page in your own productions but remember that only lamers use other people's sources without giving greetings or credits to the authors.

All archives on this page are packed with LZX or LHA. If your browser can't download these files correctly you'd better get a better browser.

Special greetings to all my true friends and to my school (SP 289) friend Jakub Wojtowicz ("Tehawanka").

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